Title IX notice of Non Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

TitleIX Notice of Nondiscrimination

Master’s Barber College does not discriminate   on the   basis   of   sex   in    its    education    programs or   activities   and is committed to ensuring an educational environment free of sexual harassment, including   sexual   violence, and to full compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 and other federal and state laws   governing   such conduct.

The following individual has been designated as the Title IX Coordinator by Master’s Barber College      to handle inquiries regarding Master’s Barber College Title IX policies, including receiving and    responding    to information about any incident of sex discrimination:

Kimetha Goodwin

Administrator and Title   IX Coordinator

14665 Suite D Lebanon Road

Old Hickory TN 37138



Information regarding sexual discrimination, including sexual harassment     or     sexual     violence, may also be reported by anyone to: U.S. Department, Office for Civil    Rights by email   at   ocr@ed.goc   or   at   the   addresses provided at the following website:


“Sexual harassment” is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal      or physical conduct of a sexual nature may constitute sexual harassment when:

  • submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly as a term or condition of an evaluation of a student’s academic performance, term or condition of participation in student activities or in other events or activities sanctioned by Master’s Barber College,
  • submission to   or    rejection    of    such conduct    by    an    individual    is    used    as    the basis for academic   decisions   or   other decisions about participation in student activities or other events or activities sanctioned by Master’s Barber College Nashville; or
  • such conduct       otherwise       has       the purpose or effect of threatening an individual’s   academic   performance; or creating   an   intimidating, hostile    or offensive        educational

Forms     of     sexual     harassment     include, but are not limited to, sexist remarks   or behavior, constant       offensive        joking, sexual     looks     or      advances, repeated requests for dates, unwelcome touching, promise   of   reward   for   sexual   favors. Students, faculty       or       staff       who experience sexual harassment should be encouraged     to     make     it     clear      to      the alleged offender that such behavior is offensive.      However, failure       to       comply with this provision does not defeat the Institute’s obligation to investigate the incident   and    take    appropriate    steps    if sexual   harassment   has   occurred.

Sexual violence includes, among   other conduct, domestic    violence, dating violence, sexual   assault, and   stalking. These        acts        will        not        be        tolerated        at Master’s Barber College as    such    acts    are    inappropriate    and    create an environment contrary to the goals and mission of Master’s Barber College.     Any    such    acts    will    be thoroughly      investigated      and      will    subject an individual to appropriate disciplinary sanctions and/or possible action by appropriate    law    enforcement agencies.

It     is     the     responsibility     of      all persons         within    Master’s Barber College community   to   work   to   ensure    an educational environment free from sex discrimination.    Violations    of    this policy      may      be       grounds       for disciplinary action under Master’s Barber College policies and   procedures

All    students    and    staff    of    Master’s Barber College are   expected   to   report   incidents    of sexual      discrimination (including sexual         harassment         or         sexual violence) to       the       Title        IX Coordinator