Availability of Institutional and Financial Aid Information

Notice of Institutional and Financial Aid Information

Masters Barber College announces the availability of institutional and financial aid information for the  2018 calendar year.  Information is available online at the schools website www.mastersbarbercollege.edu, and also upon request in the schools business office.  For assistance contact the following during regular business hours. Tennessee does not currently offer State Grants.

Master’s Barber College offers a monthly payment plan. Information regarding Grants, Scholarships, V.A. benefits, Title IV Financial Aid assistance and payment plans may be obtained in the business office during regular business hours.

Private Scholarships– Master’s Barber College may also accept various private scholarships and grants which have specific requirements for eligibility. When accepted, Master’s Barber College, Satisfactory Academic Progress and financial assistance satisfactory academic progress standards will apply in addition to specific requirements for qualifications, and maintenance as specified by the granting entity.

These awards may be offered by families, businesses, and civic organizations. A listing of these scholarships can be found in the catalog and on the website. Deadline for applications to be submitted to the Business Office is determined by each provider.

Great Clips Scholarship: In memory of Alice Madden Barton

Old Hickory Alumni Association

Veterans Educational Benefits

Title IV Financial Aid including: Pell Grants, Stafford Direct Subsidized Loans, Stafford Direct Unsubsidized Loans, and Parent Plus Loans. Tennessee does not currently offer state grants.

Master’s Barber College has payment plans for those who qualify. Customized payment plans are specific to each individual. We do not charge interest on payments.  All payments are due the 1st  day of each  month and are considered late on the 11th  of each month. Late payments incur a charge of $50.00. Master’s Barber College may, at its option and without notice, prevent student from attending class until any applicable unpaid balance of payments are satisfied

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